Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

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If you employ workers, then it is mandated by the Government that you maintain a policy of workers compensation in force for your employees. This insurance protects you against your liability to your workers for their injuries sustained while on the job.

You may need to obtain Workers Compensation coverage, regardless if you have Independent Contractors (1099) working for you. Things to consider are: who owns the trucks, who has control of the trucks, who sets the hours and who is responsible for maintenance of the trucks.

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Who Needs Workers Compensation

For Owner-Operators

Certain states require that all truckers (regardless of Independent Contractor status) be covered by Workers Compensation.

For Fleet Owners

Fleet Owners who lease on to Motor Carriers often need to provide Workers Compensation coverage for their drivers. When a Motor Carrier sponsors Occupational Accident program for its leased Fleet Owners, Workers Compensation for the Fleet Owner's employee drivers may be available (subject to underwriting eligibility).

For Motor Carriers

Motor Carriers sponsoring a Occupational Accident with Contingent Liability program can purchase Workers Compensation coverage for drivers and clerical employees of the Motor Carrier. This enhancement provides convenience of one stop shopping for Motor Carriers with Owner-Operator teams.

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